Shawn Buige and Troy Spencer have money for you!

Published: 27th April 2010
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The secret? How do they do it?
You can't figure out where lost cash is, that belongs to you. So what do Troy Spencer and Shawn Buige know that you don't? Did you think all unclaimed property was available on the web? That's a bit naive, don't you think?
The program doesn't lie with the monies. It lies with whose name that they're in. Very frequently its not you the name of the person its entitled to. There's good reason for this. The most common reason is that the money didn't start in your name. For instance, unclaimed estates, unclaimed monies, and bank accounts that you are entitled to as an heir.
Let's talk about some real world examples that help illustrate property that is hidden from you, even though its yours to claim. Frequently, a lot or second home is simply paid off and then the owner dies. Later, the property will be sold as an eminent domain issue and cash is generated as a result. Monies from almost any source can be in your name and you can still not be listed as the right owner. This is especially true is there is a lien or judgment against you that is entitled 'in front of' you as the rightful recipient of the monies.
That's just one example of why the money is lost to you. Another common problem is that the possible rightful owner has a very common name. If you're John Smith, uh oh. Most people give up if they're shot at the money is 1 in 50 - the number of folks with the same name. Online research has revealed that some experts believe 10% of the population is due property or money.
Given that, what do Shawn Buige and Troy Spencer know or do so differently. I mean, when they call you, you have money due you! Well, the main difference is that it's a sizable amount of money - $6K or more. In addition, the monies that they identify are usually NOT on any website - State run or otherwise.
Their methods find a lot of money, every day, and you benefit from it. Even these pros have their limits however. With a siimple consent agreement, you can give them the power to doublecheck the monies are there. And they can also find out the exact amount.
Of course, these guys never ever demand you give over any personal information. And no, they don't ask for a credit card or bank account number. There is no fee due at agreement. And if it costs money to pull the monies out, they pay for that too.. It gets better. They offer you an upfront buyout. You don't have any delay in getting paid. There are instances where your wait would have been months. Not any more... Got a call or letter from Shawn Buige or Troy Spencer? Yah, it's for real. Yah, you have money coming! - for more info.

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